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Seal A Criminal Record With An Expungement

A criminal record can prevent you from obtaining certain jobs, attending school and can even result in additional penalties if you are charged with a crime in the future. However, you may have the opportunity to seek a record expungement under certain conditions.

Philip Angelini has more than 30 years of experience navigating the criminal justice system on behalf of clients in DuPage County and throughout the Chicago suburbs. He can lead you through the record expungement process with skill and knowledge.

Even if you were acquitted, there may be a record of your arrest. Take action now to protect your rights and eliminate a criminal record. Call 630-413-4174 to speak directly with attorney Philip Angelini, or contact our office by email to submit a question about your case.

Strategic Advocacy For Record Expungements

If you are seeking a record expungement, Mr. Angelini will consult with you regarding the details of your charges and help you explore your options. Preparing a compelling argument on your behalf, he will work aggressively and effectively to help you get the expungement you deserve.

Attorney Philip Angelini handles record expungement in cases involving:

Record Expungement To Secure Employment

A criminal record could seriously affect your ability to seek gainful employment. In a record expungement, you are able to clear the arrest off your record, seal your court files and have any records destroyed so that potential employers do not have access to that information. An expungement can be overwhelming in terms of paperwork and requires a court order granting your right to expungement. With experience and strategy, Mr. Angelini will aggressively pursue your expungement to secure results as quickly as possible.

Contact Philip Angelini today by email or by calling 630-413-4174 to speak immediately with an experienced DuPage County and Oak Brook, Illinois, criminal defense lawyer.