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You’ll Face Tough Penalties In Cocaine, Heroin And Ecstasy Cases

If you are caught with possession of any controlled substance, you could be facing significant penalties, including prison time and hefty fines. Cocaine, heroin and ecstasy are no exception, and charges involving these drugs are becoming more common in DuPage County and the Chicago area.

Attorney Philip Angelini is an experienced defense lawyer who takes state and federal drug cases. As a former prosecutor, he knows how the state pursues drug cases, which allows him to build a strong defense for his clients. He will thoroughly examine the case against you to determine how to proceed. When necessary, he will take drug cases to trial. Call him today at 630-413-4174.

Don’t Take Chances With Felony Drug Charges

Cocaine: Cocaine is a powerful stimulant, and under Illinois state law, possession of any amount of cocaine is a felony. Specific penalties depend on the charge, but being caught with even a small amount of cocaine is a serious crime. Cocaine has become increasingly popular in the area, and prosecutors are prioritizing getting cocaine off the street, meaning you need an experienced attorney to defend your rights if you are facing charges.

Heroin: Like cocaine, possession of any amount of heroin is considered a felony. People addicted to certain prescription painkillers sometimes turn to heroin because of the similar effects it has. Heroin is an opiate that users build a tolerance for very quickly, which requires them to use more of the drug over time. This can increase the likelihood of possessing more heroin, and the penalties rise when you possess greater amounts or are charged with intent to sell or distribute. Mr. Angelini is experienced in defending against heroin charges.

Ecstasy (MDMA): With properties that resemble stimulants and hallucinogens, ecstasy is a particularly potent drug often used by teens and young adults. Like cocaine and heroin, its popularity has increased in the past few years, and because of its dangerous effects, authorities are focused on prosecuting cases involving ecstasy. Possession of any amount of ecstasy can also lead to felony charges. It’s important to contact an attorney immediately if you are charged with a crime involving ecstasy.

Act Today To Protect Your Rights

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