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There Are Defenses To DUI Charges

When facing DUI (driving under the influence) charges, you want a lawyer who will stand up for your rights and aggressively defend your interests in and out of court. Whether you are a repeat offender or you were arrested for the first time, it is important to consult with an attorney you can trust to get results in your case. Attorney Philip Angelini will take an aggressive and strategic approach to achieve optimal results in your DUI case.

Since 1985, Philip Angelini has been providing aggressive advocacy in complex cases. Prior to becoming a DUI defense attorney, he worked as a prosecutor in DuPage County, handling thousands of DUI cases. With this experience, he is able to effectively and efficiently navigate DUI cases on behalf of his clients.

Recently Arrested For A DUI?

If you were recently arrested or charged with a DUI, it is important to take immediate action to protect your rights. Attorney Angelini has extensive experience in misdemeanor and felony DUI cases involving a first offense or a repeat offense. He will initiate an immediate investigation on your behalf, collect necessary evidence, contact witnesses, analyze blood tests, scrutinize police reports and build an aggressive defense.

DUI Penalties

If you are arrested and charged with drunk driving, it is important to enlist an attorney who can fight for your rights, since you are facing serious penalties. You are facing jail time, large fines, a driver’s license suspension and potentially the required installation of an ignition interlock device. In addition, a DUI conviction in Illinois will go on your criminal record and be visible during background checks done by employers and landlords.

License Suspension And Licensing Issues

For many people facing DUI charges, an initial concern usually involves licensing and license suspension. If you were arrested for a DUI, you may wonder if you will lose your license, if it has already been revoked or what you should expect if you are charged. Mr. Angelini will begin work immediately to contest any ramifications to your driving privileges.

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