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Has Your Community Passed A Tobacco 21 Ordinance?

Under lobbying efforts by “Tobacco 21,” recent laws in several Illinois counties changed the age for legal vaping/e-cigarette purchase and use from 18 to 21 years old. “Tobacco 21” is an initiative sponsored by the Preventing Tobacco Addiction Foundation focused on raising the age for legal tobacco purchase and usage from 18 to 21 years old nationwide. Under this initiative, many communities have passed stricter tobacco laws. Five states have now raised the legal age for tobacco use to 21 years old.

Depending on where a young adult aged 18 to 21 years old lives in Illinois, they can be charged with penalties for vaping/e-cigarette use. Vaping is the process of using a device — such as a battery-operated electronic or e-cigarette — to inhale the vapors of nicotine, flavors or chemicals. E-cigarette products are generally sold in prefilled or disposable cartridges.

The current statewide penalty for first-time underaged users includes 25 hours of community service and a $50 fine. Each violation within a 12-month period increases the number of community service hours and cost of the fine. The court may also impose attendance of a smoker’s education course.

Tobacco Laws Are Constantly Changing And Are Difficult To Keep Up With

Tobacco laws are confusing to residents of different counties throughout the state. If you are a young adult contending with a charge for underaged vaping or use of e-cigarettes, you need a defense lawyer who is current with changing tobacco laws applied by the various municipalities throughout the state. Attorney Philip Angelini has the knowledge you need for a solid defense. He has over 30 years of criminal defense experience defending adults and juveniles. His in-depth experience includes working as a prosecutor in DuPage County. Call 630-413-4174 for an appointment today.

Get The Help You Need To Fight Tobacco Use Fines

Are you a young adult facing a penalty for vaping/e-cigarette use? Do you feel like the charges are unfair? Contact Philip Angelini Attorney at Law in Oak Brook. Attorney Angelini provides seasoned defense against all charges related to tobacco purchases and use. Email the firm or call 630-413-4174. He serves clients in DuPage County and the surrounding area.