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Defense Against State And Federal Drug Charges

The severity of drug charges usually depends on the amount in possession and can vary based on circumstances, including the existence of other paraphernalia, and whether or not you were participating in the sale of narcotics. If you have been arrested for a simple possession charge, or if you are under investigation for a serious drug offense, it is important to have a clear understanding of your rights from the outset of your case. Philip Angelini offers more than 30 years of experience in aggressive defense work and can effectively protect your rights.

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Minimizing Your Charges Through Immediate Investigation

In any drug case, it is extremely important to keep a drug charge off your criminal record. A criminal drug conviction could prevent you from seeking gainful employment and limit your options later in life. Mr. Angelini can take action now to reduce the chances of a marijuana possession or other drug charge becoming an impediment in the future.

Philip Angelini can protect your rights in state and federal drug charges involving the possession or sale of:

Your Fourth Amendment Rights And Drug Charges Defense

Most drug cases depend on evidence collected at the time of the arrest. Whether you were stopped on the street, pulled over in your vehicle, or were the target of a search warrant and arrested in your home, it is important to know your Fourth Amendment rights. Philip Angelini has extensive experience in challenging evidence submitted during a search and seizure, and he can seek to suppress any evidence illegally obtained against you. The suppression of evidence in a drug crime case could ultimately result in the dismissal of the charges.

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