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Losing Your License Will Affect Your Life For Months

One of the primary concerns for DUI defendants is keeping their driving privileges after an arrest or conviction. Losing a driver’s license may cost you your job, your independence and your ability to take care of your family. If you have been recently arrested for DUI, it is important to take immediate action to protect your rights, including the right to get behind the wheel.

Attorney Philip Angelini, in Oak Brook, has more than 30 years of experience in the criminal justice system and has worked on thousands of Illinois DUI cases, both as a DuPage County prosecutor and as a defense attorney. With experience, strategy and a focus on results, Mr. Angelini can effectively handle your case.

When facing a DUI conviction, you may lose your right to drive. Call 630-413-4174 to talk to our attorney, or contact our office by email to submit a question about your case.

Consequences Of A Statutory Summary Suspension

Immediately after an arrest, you can take action to rescind a summary driver’s license suspension. If you were arrested and received a notice of summary suspension, the suspension of your driving privileges will go in to effect on the 46th day after your arrest. Do not forget that you have the right to take action and contest the suspension. It is up to you to contact a lawyer who can fight the suspension of your license.

An alternative to the suspension may be a driving permit; however, new laws require that the permit must be used with an interlock device that assesses the blood alcohol of the driver before ignition is possible. Mr. Angelini will take immediate action to protect your rights in seeking to rescind a suspension or in obtaining a driving permit (MDDP).

Through strategic negotiation and advocacy, Mr. Angelini will seek to minimize penalties, protect your license and potentially defeat your charges in cases involving:

  • DUI suspension
  • CDL licenses
  • Summary driver’s license suspension
  • DUI first offense
  • DUI repeat offense
  • Felony DUI

Commercial Driver’s Licensing And DUI Suspension

DUI defendants who hold commercial driver’s licenses (CDL) may face the additional penalty of losing their ability to work. The loss of a CDL may result in job loss or an inability to seek gainful employment in the future. If you have been charged with a DUI and you currently hold a CDL, it is important to work with an attorney who can protect your rights. Mr. Angelini will assess the evidence in your case and take an aggressive approach to build your defense.

For an appointment, please contact Philip M. Angelini today online or by calling him at 630-413-4174.