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It’s A Mistake To Think Juvenile Crimes Aren’t Serious

After a juvenile has been arrested for a crime, it is essential that action be taken as soon as possible to protect their rights. Do not allow your son or daughter to speak to police without your presence and the representation of legal counsel. Law enforcement officials will use everything they can against the juvenile, even if they are trying to explain the situation.

Attorney Philip Angelini can use his over 30 years of Illinois criminal defense experience. He stands up for the rights and future of a juvenile after charges have been filed. He is a dedicated advocate for the rights of juveniles and adults, working to see that justice is done.

A conviction can drastically affect the future of a juvenile. Take steps toward protecting your child’s rights with the assistance of an experienced lawyer. Call 630-413-4174 to speak directly with attorney Philip Angelini, or contact our office by email to set up an appointment at our Oak Brook or Chicago office.

Types Of Juvenile Crimes

Though juveniles can face the same types of criminal charges that adults can, there are some charges that juveniles often face, including:

Regardless of the type of charges that the juvenile is facing, it is important that aggressive, experienced legal representation be obtained in order to protect the accused. Child crime and violent crime charges are serious. Take serious action today.

Punishments For Juvenile Crime Charges

Juveniles do not go to jail if convicted. They can however be incarcerated for a specified amount of time at a juvenile detention facility. They may also be responsible for fines or restitution, if ordered by the court.

However, some of the most severe consequences are the ones that affect the juvenile’s future. The criminal history may affect their schooling, ability to obtain loans or apply to college, or obtain housing in the future.

Protect Your Child’s Future

Contact juvenile criminal defense lawyer Philip M. Angelini today by email or by calling 630-413-4174 to schedule an appointment. Serving DuPage County and the surrounding area.